Highland Emergency

Series 3 - Episode 11

highland emergency

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A woman in labour is in severe distress, on the nearby Isle of Bute. With the 21 year-old mother in the second stage of labour, and experiencing potentially life threatening complications, all the crew can do is rush her to the specialist maternity unit at Paisley hospital as fast as possible.

After a frantic two hours, Rescue 177 is almost back at base when it receives yet another callout. A male walker has fallen badly on the Isle of Mull and is seriously injured, with a suspected broken arm and dislocated shoulder. Not far from the scene, the crew encounter a vicious storm– surrounded by cloud and with limited visibility, all they can do is navigate by radar. They locate the casualty at the foot of a steep cliff, above a narrow rocky shore.Once the winchman has made the dangerous 80 foot drop to him, his condition quickly deteriorates and he seems to be slipping in and out of consciousness. It is a race against time to winch him back up to the helicopter and get him to hospital for emergency medical care.

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