Highland Emergency

Series 3 - Episode 12

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Stornoway Coastguard Rescue 100 searches for an injured woman and her two dogs in the Western Highlands, the Royal Navy races to a walker with a severe leg injury and RAF Rescue 137 attends to a fallen climber with head injuries, who is perched on a deadly ridge.

HM Coastguard Rescue 100 receives an emergency call to a woman who is stranded up An’teallach in the Western Highlands after tripping and injuring her leg whilst out walking her two dogs. But the woman is no where to be seen – the crew has no idea of the severity of her injury, and with night fall less than two hours away, they have no choice but to enlist the help of Dundonnell Mountain Rescue Team. The temperature is rapidly dropping –will their combined efforts ensure they find her in time?

The Royal Navy SAR team attends to a walker who has injured her leg and needs rescuing froma ridge on Slackdhu in the Campsie Fells. The woman has been lying injured on the mountain for nearly three hours, and as night fall approaches, the crew must get her on board and to hospital without delay. Over on the west coast of Scotland, RAF Rescue 137 is en route to a training exercise when they are called to a climber who has fallen and injured his head on Buachaille EtiveMòr, one of the most deadly mountains in the Western Highlands.

Having located the casualty they attempt to land, but the terrain is so rocky they have to abort at the last minute.With any head injury, there is a risk of permanent brain damage. Will the crew be able to get him off the mountain and to hospital before it is too late?

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