Highland Emergency

Series 3 - Episode 2

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There’s a critical decision to be made about a bloodied climber with suspected head and spinal injuries, and a race against time to save a deepsea diver who has surfaced unconscious.

On the West coast of Scotland, HMS Gannet receives a call that a climber has fallen 30ft from Cam Crag in the Lake District. A heli-med crew is already on the scene, but the casualty is in such a precarious position that they are unable to reach him. As temperatures are now dropping rapidly, the fate of the badly injured man rests solely in the hands of Royal Navy Rescue 177.

Battered and bloody, the casualty took the impact of the fall to his head and face. He also has suspected internal and spinal injuries. Winchman and trained paramedic Marcus is left with a tough decision about whether or not to move him. The head injuries need emergency medical attention, but if the spine is damaged moving him too quickly could leave the climber paralysed.

Elsewhere, the crew of RAF Rescue 137 is out on a training exercise on the north-east coast of Scotland, when they receive a call from the Rescue Control centre at RAF Kinloss. A diver has surfaced unconscious off the coast of Arbroath, 65 miles away. Having ascended suddenly from 60 metres, he could be suffering from ‘the bends’, a potentially fatal condition in which nitrogen bubbles are trapped in the bloodstream. He is also without his air tanks and they have no information on how long the diver has been starved of oxygen. The crew needs to get to him fast.

However, when they arrive, the condition of the diver is not the only problem – the dive boat he is on is tiny. With every second vital, can the crew successfully reach the casualty and get him to the recompression chamber for the treatment he so urgently needs?

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