Series 1 - Episode 4

Holiday: Heaven On Earth

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Emma journeys to the Texan city of San Antonio, where she lives like a cowgirl for the day and visits the historic Alamo site, where 189 Texans battled General Santa Ana’s army of thousands. Emma also takes a riverboat ride, learns about the Texan tradition of hat-making and visits a family-owned milliners.

Darren visits The Hague in Holland, home to the Dutch government and royal palace. He explores the city in true Dutch style – by bike! Darren also visits a wine bar, before getting an early start to visit the Scheveningen fish auction, which is in full swing.

Guest presenter Jeff Brazier travels to the Mont Tremblant ski resort in Quebec, Canada, where he spends a day on the slopes and is given a snowboarding lesson. He then travels to Quebec City to experience the city’s famous winter carnival, where the former 'Dancing on Ice' contestant meets up with his skating partner Isabelle Gauthier. Dogsled racing and outdoor parties at the ice palace are just some of the fun activities available all day and night at the largest winter carnival in the world.

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