Series 1 - Episode 9

Episode 9

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Emma Wilson travels to the stunning islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean. She visits Bequia and checks out the market in the island’s capital Port Elizabeth, picking up some fresh local delicacies, before visiting the lesser-known island of Canouan to discover more about the Caribbean’s rich sea life.

Darren Kennedy ventures to the picturesque island of Gozo, where he learns about agrotourism. After trying his hand at milking a goat and learning how to make some of the local cheese, he checks out the capital Victoria and takes a boat ride to the majestic Dwejra Point cliffs. To make the most of the stunning coastline Darren then signs up for some rock climbing.

Finally, travel expert Sarah Siese journeys to the small town of Churchill in northern Canada - which, despite its icy location on the edge of the Arctic Circle, is a hot spot for tourists. Travellers come every Autumn to witness the town’s invasion by polar bears who are making their way towards the freshly frozen waters of Hudson Bay. To safely see these beautiful animals up close, Sarah hitches a ride on a tundra buggy.

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