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Home and Away bad boys

With sultry sinners Amanda, Jazz and Zoe, the Bay has seen its fair share of feisty females - but now it's the boys' turn to cause trouble..

Home and Away bad boys

With sultry sinners including Amanda, Jazz and Zoe (to name but a view), Home and Away has seen its fair share of feisty females over the years - but finally, with the arrival of dark and mysterious Penn Graham, it's time to hear it for the boys! 

In honour of the soap's delightfully devilish new recruit, we've selected six of our favourite Home and Away villains, past and present, and want to know how you think he compares to the competition. Have your say using the voting box on the right, and we'll reveal the results next week.


Aden Jefferies
Aden, a bad boy? Well, he certainly tried. When he first hit the Bay he was an anti-social bully with a chip on his shoulder - with Geoff the usual target for his quips - and soon went even further off the rails following jaw-dropping revelations about his traumatic childhood. He eventually cleaned up his act and charmed his way into everyone's hearts (even thawing Morag's icy facade), but not before a memorable hostage-taking incident involving Larry, Rachel and Belle.

Josh West
Good boy gone bad Josh West wasn't short of enemies, having memorably used Amanda to scam her wealthy husband Graham out of his fortune, and committing the ultimate crime when as mayoral candidate he saw off the competition - one Alf Stewart - by framing him for embezzlement! The town's icon was found guilty and endured a stint behind bars, released only when it was discovered that Josh had bribed the judge. Call it karma, but this particular baddie wasn't too long for this world after pulling a stunt like that...

Kane Phillips
Bad lad Kane first met the Sutherlands back in 2001, when he fell for Dani and was forced to leave Summer Bay following accusations of rape. Ready to convince everyone that he was a reformed character, he sought counselling upon his eventual return - but the fact of him striking up a relationship with Dani's sister Kirsty did little to win him favour

The pair later eloped and slowly earned some degree of acceptance, only for fate to deal them another devastating blow when Kane was framed for a botched robbery committed by his crooked father Gus. With his brother lying under oath during the trial, Kane wasted no time waiting for the verdict – which, of course, was guilty – and skipped town for a life on the run with Kirsty. Three years later, the couple were forced out of hiding as they sought medical treatment for their sick child Oliver. But it seemed Kane hadn't entirely put his bad-boy past behind him...

Hugo Austin
Hugo started out as Mr Dependable, and with his boyish good looks and rumpled shirts he managed to blend right into the crowd. It's little wonder he managed to get away with so much for so long! But after months of intrigue - the scandal of an estranged wife, the death of Lou de Bono and an investigation into, err, illegal abalone fishing - Charlie finally cracked Summer Bay's big mystery, revealing the lovable fraudster as the mastermind behind a people-smuggling ring. Martha sure can pick 'em, eh?

Johnny Cooper
Now this could just be Penn's toughest competition for the title. Gang leader Johnny isn't exactly the kind of face you'd want to meet in a dark alley; this is the man who framed Brad for dealing drugs, cleared out Amanda's mansion and ordered the murder of his own brother (seeing to it that Ric took the fall). But he wasn't yet through with Summer Bay. After a stint behind bars, he sprung free to launch his second assault on the locals. This time he attempted to murder both Ric and Sally, before Sam - victim of his blackmail - finally took justice (and a cricket bat) into her own hands.

Penn Graham
With a devil-may-care attitude and a glint in his eye, brooding bad boy Penn likes nothing better than stirring up trouble - as Sid already knows all too well. His past experiences and conquests remain a mystery, and that's just the way he likes it. So, what's his real reason for coming to the Bay? And just what does he have in store for its redients?