Home and Away

Alf Stewart

Deep down, Summer Bay patriarch Alf Stewart is a big softie, with a bark far worse than his flamin' bite.

Ray Meagher as Alf Stewart in Home and Away

Played by Ray Meagher

First appearance: 1988 (Pilot)
Relationship status: Single
Address: Summer Bay House
Occupation: Bartender and bait shop co-owner


Quite frankly, if you don't know Alf Stewart, then you must have grown up cloth-eared and wearing blinkers.

Summer Bay born and bred, Alf's the kind of guy you don't want to upset - you'd sooner tell his half-sister Colleen your deepest, darkest secret than risk rubbing him up the wrong way - but deep down he's a big softie, and his bark is far worse than his flamin' bite.

Stone the flamin' crows! - Alf Stewart

A keen businessman, Alf is quite the entrepreneur, with fingers in the veritable Summer Bay pies that are Noah's Bar, the Blaxland and the bait shop.

Always willing to lend a hand, Alf is also an active member of the voluntary rescue service - which is convenient when you happen to live in a town that's prone to all manner of disasters.