Home and Away

Indigo Walker

Indi's had her lows, but with them has developed the confidence and maturity to allow her to put the past behind her.

Samara Weaving as Indigo Walker in Home and Away

Played by Samara Weaving

First appearance: 2009 (Episode 4909)
Relationship status: Married to Romeo Smith (Separated)
Address: The Farmhouse
Occupation: Student


The secrets of a happy relationship seem to have eluded poor Indigo: her parents split following dad Sid's infidelity (although sympathy for mother Jodi remains thin on the ground, not least because she swiftly walked off with her daughter's boyfriend), and her very own Romeo has proved himself to be anything but the romantic hero.

Her faith shaken by her experiences, Indi's had her lows - she fell through a coffee table after smoking marijuana, rebelling against seeing her father and Nicole together - but through them has developed the confidence and maturity to put the past behind her. Even though she may not always have the highest opinions of others, Indi knows that sometimes the only way forward is to keep a level head and roll with the punches.