Storyline chat - Catherine Mack and Steve Peacocke (Part 1)

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As things heat up between Natalie and Brax, Home and Away stars Catherine and Steve share their verdict on the big attraction: do they think the couple can really have a future together?

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  • sandra

    over 1 year ago


    I think Steve and Catherine FANCY each other !!

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  • Vic

    over 1 year ago


    I never post mail on the computer but i just have to say that i think Brax (or should i say Steve) is just utterly gorgeous!! mmm, what a lovely smile

  • Gilly1981

    over 1 year ago


    They could always do the fake death storyline like they did with Peter Baker and say Charlie was in witness protection to protect her from Jake. Charlie and Brax are far better suited and had far more passion and chemistry than Natalie and Brax do. Charlie liked the danger of dating a bad boy. She stole police evidence to prove Brax was innocent for a burglary. She quit her job at being a cop because she loved Brax so much but if Brax loves Charlie, he wouldn't stand in her way at doing something she loved. The bad boy/good girl cop storyline was awesome they need to bring Charlie back.

  • ok!

    over 1 year ago


    Move on Charlie isn't coming back shes dead!........ And if you don't like Natalie don't watch the series.

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  • Charlie

    over 1 year ago


    I DO NOT LIKE NATALIE AT ALL!!! Brax needs someone who is dangerous like CHARLIE!!! PLEASE GET RID OF BRATALIE and BRING BACK CHAX!!! (and Ruby and Casey)

  • yellowbird51

    over 1 year ago


    Nooooo! I find Natalie really, really, really annoying. Seriously she is so incredibly irritating.

  • ñas

    over 1 year ago


    I loooove Brax and Nathalie Together............. Leah is not for Brax!

  • Esther

    over 1 year ago


    I Love Brax... Not Natalie Though, Maybe Leah! :D

  • riaminx

    over 1 year ago


    i like em a lot!!!!! they're ts different to chax...n they look like good mates here :P

  • GillianH

    over 1 year ago


    Natalie and Brax have no chemistry at all.

  • KirchdorfLegend

    over 1 year ago


    Yes Chax did have chemistry, but so do Bratalie! I wish critics would just give them a chance - they are fantastic together just in a diffrent way. If all relationships were the same for us all, it would be a boring world! I can't wait to see what happens with Brax and Natalie and await with interest for some great happy scenes between them! :) Wish the clip would play properly though - very annoying to having to listen 20 words at a time .....!!

  • GillianH81

    over 1 year ago


    Natalie & Brax just don't have the chemistry Charlie & Brax had. You could see the chemistry straight away between Chax, it was electric.