Monday 24 January

Episode 5206

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April schemes to get Liam and Bianca back together - until her mother Joanna arrives in town, determined to see Bianca marry Vittorio.


  • Tue 25 Jan

    April's plan to force Liam and Bianca into talking backfires.


  • Fri 21 Jan

    Robertson piles pressure on Alf and Will, who begins to fear that he will lose Lily in the divorce.

  • Thu 20 Jan

    Gina becomes suspicious of Roo's motives.

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Comments (3)

  • Shel

    3 years ago


    Why can't I watch Home and Away? It's still available for a few more hours, gets as far as the Brighthouse ad then goes blank!

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  • yollanda

    3 years ago


    i am officially starting to get bored, annoyed and irritated by April she shld crawl into a hole somewhr in the middle of egypt and live there or smfin leet thingz b mahn seriously