Friday 28 January

Episode 5210

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As Vittorio hosts a bachelor party, Liam and Bianca find themselves drawn together once again.


  • Mon 31 Jan

    The aftermath of Charlie's outburst.


  • Thu 27 Jan

    Charlie bans Ruby from the formal, and Dex begins to feel like an outcast.

  • Wed 26 Jan

    The Bay's residents pull together to look for Lily and VJ.

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Comments (5)

  • shaz

    3 years ago


    why are angelo and charlie not together anymore...I missed a few episodes and everythings changed

  • kitten

    3 years ago


    Locky's right, both bands are awesome :)

  • locky

    3 years ago


    at the start of the formal its little secrets by passion pit ( mad song) the other is on my way back home by band of horses both awesome bands.

  • Loz

    3 years ago


    what is the song called that plays when sparks fly between liam and bianca and the informal and when liam is on his motorbike about to leave its a well nice song i want it whats it called?????

  • kitty

    3 years ago


    OMG can't wait for the next episode. It's about time that Liam and Bianca got together! Does anyone else think that Nicole is getting worryingly thin? maybe she's trying to crack Hollywood. I always thought she was so beautiful when she was curvier.