Friday 11 March

Episode 5240

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VJ is devastated when he learns about Elijah's new family. Charlie steps up her campaign against the River Boys when a window is broken at the surf club in the night. But will she end up having to apologise again? Meanwhile, Colleen disappears after a row with two members of the gang.

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Comments (10)

  • lena terry

    3 years ago

    lena terry

    omg!! da riverboyz r damn hooooot :P

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  • Abbie

    3 years ago


    Brax fancies Charlie soo much and its so obvious.. defo think something will happen between them. I want Charlie back with Angelo though! :(

  • natalia

    3 years ago


    but brax asks leah out on a date just to make charlie jealous

  • parris

    3 years ago


    daryl braxton is so fit i like the one were he walks into anjilos and all u can see is the back of him

  • KEX63

    3 years ago


    thats sooo cool !!!! so im not just imagenning things...!

  • becca

    3 years ago


    soooooo Hot!

  • AllAboutMe

    3 years ago


    Brax, dats his name! And they deff r, cos you can see it all over her face! She wants him so badly! And Brax knows it! :-)

  • claire

    3 years ago


    i know yeah i can see love going to happen with them too and the way charlie looks at him x

  • Kelly Hindmarch

    3 years ago

    Kelly Hindmarch

    I so want Charlie to get it on with that River Boy. He is fiiiiine! :)