Monday 4 April

Episode 5256

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As Thabo undergoes his operation, Grace and Elijah discuss their future. Just as they come to a decision, tragedy strikes. Roo causes mischief on her return to the Bay. And, Angelo's revamped restaurant opens with a party.


  • Tue 5 Apr

    Elijah attempts to console Grace, and Roo wakes up with Miles after Angelo's party.


  • Fri 1 Apr

    Elijah suffers a crisis of faith.

  • Thu 31 Mar

    A sick Thabo confronts Elijah.

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Comments (6)

  • Tesla

    3 years ago


    Don't like the way they brought back Will to get stitched up for murder and now Thabo's tragic death.

  • Lauren

    3 years ago


    the song is Prinze Willy by Clare Bowditch

  • Kiki

    3 years ago


    Does anyone know who that song is by at the end of the episode?

  • Izzy :P

    3 years ago

    Izzy :P

    Surley Angelo has learned that partys are never a good idea! And now that Roo is here it is definatley going to turn out bady! :/

  • jordom

    3 years ago


    shes still pretty hot though. i don't mind watching her

  • :b

    3 years ago


    oh no.. not Roo. Her storyline was sooo boring last time.