Tuesday 5 July

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Marilyn makes another hasty getaway, but this time she's running towards Nicole, not away from her. The pair make amends with one another and Marilyn feels at peace, with all bad feeling put behind them.

However, she's going to have an argument of a different kind waiting for her when she returns: Sid's furious his girlfriend would go behind his back like this.

Meanwhile, Elijah's starting to feel a bit uneasy about all the speculation over his growing relationship with Laura. He thinks he's probably made a mistake in asking her to cool things off a bit, but with the newcomer assuming he wants nothing to do with her, will the pair ever get it together?

Elsewhere, Dex and Kate continue to study together. But just as a hint of attraction begins to show between the two of them, Kate works out that Dex's ulterior motive is to make April jealous.



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