Tuesday 12 July

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An excited Romeo and Indi drag Roo out of bed to tell her they’re getting married – that afternoon. What the couple read as shock is actually despair, Roo knowing Sid will hold her responsible. She calls him and promises she will attempt to stall the couple as best she can. Will Sid arrive in time?

In her bid to delay the wedding, Roo lets slip to Indi her suspicion that Romeo's proposal is rooted in his fears about losing her to Marty's job offer. But when the bride-to-be confronts her other half, he reads her his vows and proves everyone wrong: the wedding is back on.

Sid arrives just in time to talk to Indi before the wedding; however, her mind is made up, and there’s nothing he can do to change it. Romeo appeals to his would-be father-in-law, who finally gives the couple his blessing. After Indi and Romeo say 'I do', Roo teases Sid for being unromantic. Sid attempts to prove her wrong, surprising her with a kiss.



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