Tuesday 20 September

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Charlie is inconsolable after finding Tegan and Brax together in his hotel room, unable to believe that her ex has moved on so quickly. When confronted by Casey over the tryst, Brax implies it’s a ploy to distance Charlie and Ruby from the imminent firestorm with Jake’s gang. But as Tegan makes another move on Brax, he has to put a stop to the charade – it’s over between them.

Heath discovers Liam is still testifying against him on the drug charges and asks Brax to get him out of this tight spot. But when Brax admits tells him he'll likely be facing time, Heath does a runner with a bag of Jake’s pills. On his way out of town, he's caught red-handed by Charlie. At the police station, Brax says goodbye to Heath with a promise of doing his best to get him out.

Sid decides to take Roo on a surprise romantic cruise, enlisting the services of Romeo and the Blaxland. On Alf’s advice, Romeo invites Indi, in a bid to get her to bury the hatchet with Roo. She begrudgingly agrees to working the cruise, but as the four set sail it’s clear she’s straining to be polite. The cruise takes a turn for the worse when Indi spills champagne over Roo, the dinghy floats away and the engine dies. And then comes the thunder storm...


  • Wed 21 Sep

    Indi makes an important discovery in the wake of the ill-fated cruise.


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