Tuesday 25 October

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Following Romeo's decision to knock back Dennis's charter job, Harvey steps in to take over. But as the storm takes hold and the boat takes a hit, Romeo and Alf are faced with a gruelling rescue attempt, navigating treacherous conditions in a bid to find Roo, Harvey, Dennis and investors. When they locate everyone except Harvey, it's down to Romeo to remain behind and continue the mission.

Meanwhile, the Walkers face a search of their own following Sasha's sudden disappearance. When Sid is called to the hospital, Dex and April move on to the Surf Club, where Xavier informs them that he last saw Sasha heading down to the beach.

Elsewhere, John’s condition deteriorates as he reaches for the phone to call for help only to learn that the power has been cut in the storm. His luck appears to change when, having found refuge in Gina's house, Sasha and Felix find him collapsed on the floor and call for an ambulance - but it isn't long before Sid's long-lost daughter falls foul of Xavier, who finds her attempting to loot the house.


  • Wed 26 Oct

    The choice of the school as an evacuation centre turns out to be disastrous when a roof collapse traps two of the locals.


  • Mon 24 Oct

    After telling Xavier to close the beach because a severe storm is approaching, John's injuries take their toll.

  • Fri 21 Oct

    Having lost their battle over the mooring, Alf and Romeo take destructive action.

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