Friday 31 August

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After a long talk with Elijah, Leah, Sid and Casey, Ruby makes the heartbreaking decision to agree to taking Charlie off life support.

Unable to accept what's happening, a distraught Brax barricades himself in Charlie's room. It's only as the police prepare to storm in that Casey rushes forward and talks his brother down, before Charlie's loved ones steel themselves for a last goodbye.

After a confrontation with Stu's father, Sid finds his job at the hospital in jeopardy. In the meantime, Roo struggles to see past his violent outburst, and questions whether or not she can still be with him: although she understands his motivation for the attack, can she accept this side to him?


  • Fri 31 Aug

    Web-only episode. When Sid explains the baby is in danger, and an early caesarean is required, Bianca and Heath are forced to discuss their options.


  • Wed 29 Aug

    Web-only episode. Hugo's hopes of fleeing the Bay are shattered when Suzy uses Martha as a pawn in her games.

  • Wed 29 Aug

    Wanting to settle his score with Hugo, Killer takes Martha, Gina and Xavier hostage as bargaining chips.

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