Monday 27 February

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April worries her secret steamy affair with Heath is in jeopardy when his old flame, Henri, arrives for a teaching position at Summer Bay High. Her fears are confirmed when Henri turns up at the share house to invite Heath out for a drink.

Meanwhile, with Heath having left them $25,000 in debt to Geoffrey King, Brax continues to fight for ownership of Angelo’s. When Leah finds out, she confides in Roo about helping him; however, when Geoffrey turns up looking for his money, Brax lays his life on the line for his business.

Feeling bad about kissing Sasha, Xavier attempts to make amends but gets shut down after Sid expresses his concerns to Gina.


  • Tue 28 Feb

    Bianca toasts the wrong man on her hen night, while tensions run high when Heath's gang gatecrashes Liam's stag do.


  • Fri 24 Feb

    Xavier gets a puzzling response when he tells Sasha how he feels about her, and Dex reaches a decision about his future.

  • Thu 23 Feb

    Unaware that Alan has just proposed a truce with Sid, Sasha tries to strike a similar deal with Stu.

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