Monday 5 March

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On the eve of Bianca and Liam’s wedding, the media gets hold of the story and a paparazzo shows up. Liam sees red, goes for the camera and is arrested for property damage.

Meanwhile, after Romeo witnesses Dennis moving something from the resort site, events take a sinister turn when Alf discovers a dead body in the caravan park.

Elsewhere, Xavier reveals to Dex that he likes Sasha - but, confused by his awkward encounters with her, does he have the patience to find out if she feels the same way?


  • Wed 7 Mar

    Aware of his promise to pay Leah back the money he owes her, Brax enters the cage-fighting scene.


  • Fri 2 Mar

    As Harvey works to delay the development, Romeo begins to suspect John and Dennis of foul play.

  • Thu 1 Mar

    Sid and Dex fall into conflict over careers, and it's crunch time for Alf as the election results loom.

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