Tuesday 10 April

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Casey finds out that April and Heath are no longer together but is truly crushed to hear why; unable to control his emotions, he confronts Henri about her part in the break-up.

Despite Sasha's reluctance to reveal who is behind the bullying, when she asks Dex for help he in turn speaks to Sid. Armed with video evidence of Christy and others attacking Sasha, Gina is able to punish those responsible.

Meanwhile, after Alan Henderson appeals to the hospital board to give Sid his job back, Sid and the Walker kids celebrate the fact that they no longer need to move to the Outback.


  • Wed 11 Apr

    Henri decides she can no longer tutor Casey, but for how long can she deny her feelings?


  • Mon 9 Apr

    As Sasha's problems at school continue, can Sid convince her to agree to a move away from the Bay?

  • Fri 6 Apr

    As emotions run high on the day of Stu's memorial, Sid drops a bombshell on the Walker family.

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