Tuesday 10 April

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Casey finds out that April and Heath are no longer together but is truly crushed to hear why; unable to control his emotions, he confronts Henri about her part in the break-up.

Despite Sasha's reluctance to reveal who is behind the bullying, when she asks Dex for help he in turn speaks to Sid. Armed with video evidence of Christy and others attacking Sasha, Gina is able to punish those responsible.

Meanwhile, after Alan Henderson appeals to the hospital board to give Sid his job back, Sid and the Walker kids celebrate the fact that they no longer need to move to the Outback.

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Comments (6)

  • Chad Hogan

    2 years ago

    Chad Hogan

    I'm running an I-Mac and the stream is freezing too!

  • Jay2

    2 years ago


    @Foo... this is what I've been thinking too. I couldn't understand why people were always complaining and thought it must be THEIR end not demand5. I have a laptop with Win- Vista and use BT broadband which isn't great but I never have any problems with catch-up tv. Guys out there I think this is YOUR problem - sorry

  • Foo

    2 years ago


    I have never ever had issues with freezing on H&A, are you people using laptops? If so that is most likely the cause of your problems. Wifi can drop packets very easily, RJ45 (Ethernet cable) cannot. Best results are with Win 7 or OS-X and BT Broadband.

  • fiona

    2 years ago


    this is drivein me mad with it freezing get it sorted !!

  • Marky J

    2 years ago

    Marky J

    Hasn't that Kristy got lovely teeth...!

  • Wendy

    2 years ago


    The clip kept freezing. Why is today's episode not available yet? It was on channel 5 at 1.15pm. It should be available by now.