Monday 23 April

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Worried about an incriminating message written in the book she gave Stu, Sasha is caught by Margaret trying to steal it from the Hendersons' home. Having fled the scene, Sasha later returns in a hoping to explain the full story of what happened on the day of Stu's death; however, Margaret is still too grief-stricken to hear it.

Meanwhile, still at odds with Romeo, Indi goes on a seemingly harmless date with Logan. Although she resists letting anything happen between them, she remains ignorant to the fact that Ruby has spotted them together and confided the news in Romeo. Can he try to persuade Indi to make their marriage work?

Elsewhere, Sid confronts Margaret with his suspicion that she's poisoning Alan but finds his hands are tied when she in turn reveals that Sasha broke in to her home.


  • Tue 24 Apr

    April's betrayal has further repercussions for Bianca when Liam realises that Heath knows the truth about the baby.


  • Fri 20 Apr

    As Romeo tries to set things right with Indi, Alan Henderson returns to Sid's care.

  • Thu 19 Apr

    Misinterpreting an innocent situation, Indi grows convinced that Romeo is having an affair with Ruby.

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