Monday 30 April

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Relieved to have been given the all-clear by Sid, Brax hits the surf with VJ. As Leah continues to observe their friendship with fondness, Elijah is left feeling squeezed out and calls her on her feelings for Brax, with whom he later chooses to share the truth.

Seeing John and Gina in a state of bliss after putting aside their differences, Roo realises she wants to get her relationship with Harvey back to happier times. They return to the place of their first date in a bid to make a fresh start - but are Harvey's misfortunes about to put a dampener on the evening?

Meanwhile, as he and Gina renegotiate the terms for living together again, John pledges to his wife that she has nothing but his completely honesty.


  • Tue 1 May

    When VJ's caught drinking with a group of River Boys, Leah is outraged at Brax's apparent abandonment of him.


  • Fri 27 Apr

    After finding out that VJ's bad behaviour is a result of a River Boys prank, Leah warns Brax to keep his distance.

  • Thu 26 Apr

    Leah's hopes for a fresh start fall flat when VJ's bid to become a River Boy forces Brax back into her life.

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