Monday 7 May

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When Ruby is caught with marijuana in her bag, she soon realises that Steve has set her up and becomes worried she’s can’t prove her innocence – especially in light of his allegations against her. With Morag on side, Ruby is released from custody but seems to have a court case ahead of her.

Meanwhile, as Brax sets out to intimidate Steve, Romeo misses out on the surfing competition and stays behind to comfort Ruby. Although Indi’s glad that he's escaped being caught up in the drama, she can't help feeling concerned by the fact he's once again dropped everything for Ruby. With Logan back on the scene, could she be tempted to stray?

After learning of Harvey’s secret ex-wife, Marilyn becomes worried Roo’s moving too fast in her relationship with him. However, after a difficult reunion with daughter Lottie, Harvey finally makes the decision to come clean, leaving Roo reeling.


  • Tue 8 May

    Indi's gift from Logan becomes a source of tension between her and Romeo, prompting a heartbreaking realisation.


  • Fri 4 May

    As the trial continues, Xavier uncovers new evidence that brings to light corruption in the force.

  • Thu 3 May

    The Walkers feel the heat as Sasha goes on trial for Stu's murder. Can the family keep it together?

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