Monday 14 May

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Lottie and Dex seem to hit it off instantly, which makes April question the nature of their relationship. When April accidently overhears that Bianca intends to leave Summer Bay without telling her, she becomes upset, and Dex runs to her rescue. But when it seems to Dex that April is only interested in him when she feels threatened by another girl, he is furious and storms off.

Unable to reconcile their tempestuous relationship with Heath, Bianca and Liam attempt to steal away from Summer Bay to start a new life. Leah and Irene share their concerns that leaving the Bay won’t fix anything, but neither Liam nor Bianca can see any other way.

In the meantime, Heath is still trying to convince Bianca to be with him and, when he learns that she intends to leave town, approaches her to try talking her out of it. The baby kicks for the first time, and Bianca and Heath share a moment, which is caught by Liam. Furious, he storms off, Bianca in tow - and, when she asks him if he is happy about the baby and he can’t respond, their future together is once again in question.


  • Tue 15 May

    With Liam refusing to compromise, Heath is pushed into taking drastic action to prevent him and Bianca from leaving with his unborn baby.


  • Fri 11 May

    Heath continues to make a strong and upfront play for Bianca, prompting Liam to quit his job at Angelo's.

  • Thu 10 May

    Wanting to get to Heath, Casey reveals the truth about his relationship with Henri - but will he live to regret it?

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