Monday 28 May

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After Harvey admits his knowledge of the Mayor's vote-rigging scam, Mel assumes that Roo's only sticking by him because he's used their child's death to guilt her into doing so. Harvey corrects her, unaware that Sid has shared details of their loss - only to end up pushing Roo away when he realises she knows more about him than he's been willing to share.

Trying to process April's revelation that she still loves him and wants him back, Dex tells her he wants to be with someone honest and straightforward: he can't forgive her for faking an ankle injury to get closer to him.

Leah is upset when VJ loses his school shirt, despite his being adamant that he didn’t misplace it and that instead it was taken. When VJ shows up at the diner with a bloody nose, Leah rushes him to Gina’s office, where he reveals he was attacked after approaching the culprit - none other than Jett James, Summer Bay High's newest recruit.


  • Tue 29 May

    As he and Bianca prepare to leave Summer Bay, Liam reaches a life-changing decision about their future.


  • Fri 25 May

    After playing third wheel during Dex's date with Lottie, April is pushed to confess her feelings.

  • Thu 24 May

    Sasha defies Sid to be with Xavier, and Indi battles her heartbreak as word spreads about Romeo and Ruby.

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