Tuesday 29 May

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As Heath continues to worry about being denied access to his child once he or she is born, April tries without success to make amends with Liam following the revelation that he and Bianca are preparing to leave Summer Bay. However, when Liam realises Bianca's distress at the move, he comes to the conclusion that running away won't solve the problems and makes a life-changing decision about their future.

New student Jett takes VJ's lunch and coerces him into providing free food from the diner. Meanwhile, when Gina interviews his mother Liz and learns she's not well, she promises to keep a close eye on him.

Lottie decides that dad Harvey has to stop shutting out her brother’s death, finally pushing him to open up as together they share memories of Ben and talk about how much they miss him. Realising he also needs to put faith in Roo, Harvey makes it clear to her that he's ready to let her be there for him.


  • Wed 30 May

    Having struck up a deal with Hayley, Heath grows convinced that Bianca has chosen him over Liam.


  • Mon 28 May

    April's bid for attention fails to impress Dex, and VJ falls foul of Summer Bay newcomer Jett James.

  • Fri 25 May

    After playing third wheel during Dex's date with Lottie, April is pushed to confess her feelings.

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