Monday 4 June

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When Romeo is whisked into surgery after suffering complications with his knee, Ruby is horrified to realise the severity of his injuries. Although the procedure appears to go well, however, Ruby's relief soon turns to disappointment as he stirs awake and calls out Indi's name.

Pushed into it by Roo, Indi reluctantly agrees to Logan's request for company that evening, only to find herself distracted when during their date she learns of Romeo's condition. Left to consider Logan's offer of accompanying him on a business trip to Hong Kong, Indi decides to visit Romeo at the hospital - but finds herself on the outer when Ruby encourages her to let him rest.

Despite Heath's attempts to get involved in anything related to the baby, Bianca continues to push him away. However, when he then turns to April in a bid to find out more, Bianca gives in and agrees to let him be a part of their child's life, even allowing herself to wonder if he'd make good father material after all.


  • Tue 5 Jun

    As Romeo commits to moving on without Indi, Bianca and Heath share in their excitement about the baby.


  • Fri 1 Jun

    As Indi plunges herself further into debt, Romeo's luck runs out when a knee injury threatens his surfing career.

  • Thu 31 May

    Liam commits to helping Hayley, and Sasha surprises Sid by drawing inspiration from an unlikely source.

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Comments (4)

  • ange

    almost 2 years ago


    @Emm Romeo's real name is Todd Smith

  • Emm

    almost 2 years ago


    Question: Why does the patient name-card at Romeo's bed say "Todd Smith"? :/ Also, they're really heavily-handedly changing Heath's character. The way he talks, his mannerisms and everything are completely different in this episode than they've ever been, it's like they're trying really unsubtly to make him more likeable. But then from the preview for tomorrow, he's back to being an ass again.

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  • dukeyd

    almost 2 years ago


    Ruby will go nuts when she finds out, Romeo has credited Indi's bank account!..That money was meant to start up a surf shop!..don't like that Logan at all, to smarmy, with a constant grin, like a Cheshire cat!..