Friday 8 June

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Liam sets up with Hayley, telling her there’ll be light at the end of the tunnel. Despite her physical hostility and attacks on his personal life, Liam remains at her side - and his commitment appears to pay off when, the next morning, Hayley apologises. But is she about to get too close for comfort?

As Harvey steels himself ahead of his court case, Mel shows up to give him an unpaid bill – and some attitude. Meanwhile, Roo feels held at a distance as Harvey complains about his current lawyer but refuses to accept her offer of footing the bill for an alternative. But, when Mel later returns in a rage over his letting their finances fall into disarray, will he nbe forced to change his mind?

Worried that Colleen is withdrawn after the robbery, Marilyn tries to make a show of generosity. Although Irene's plans for a fundraiser fall flat when she approaches Brax and he tells her it's not a good time, the women's luck appears to change when Marilyn finds an unchecked lottery ticket while helping to clean out Colleen's things. Realising the ticket bears a winning combination of numbers, Marilyn reassures her friend that the universe works in mysterious ways before handing over her find - worth $175,000.


  • Mon 11 Jun

    As she plans how best to spend her lottery winnings, Colleen gets an unexpected invitation from Lance.


  • Thu 7 Jun

    Harvey helps Lottie break the ice with Dex, and Liam pushes Hayley to admit to her drug problem.

  • Wed 6 Jun

    April and Lottie compete for Dex's affections, and Casey takes his hatred of Townsend a step too far.

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