Monday 25 June

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After learning that Jett’s mother is in hospital, and that he’s lost his keys and has been sleeping on the beach, Gina decides to take care of him - little realising that John has decided to take matters into his own hands following Marilyn's mugging. In the meantime, Gina has convinced the youngster to confess to Marilyn, who finds it in her heart not to take things further. Just as she forgives Jett, however, the police arrive to arrest him. When she learns that he has had his keys all along, Gina goes to his house, only to find Jett’s mother dead.

After suffering a collapse, Alf is rushed to hospital, where Roo arrives in time to learn that her father has contracted malaria during his travels in Thailand. In his stressed state, Alf tells Roo that he doesn’t think Harvey is good enough for her. But when Sid gives Alf the all-clear, Roo pounces on her chance to defend her choice of boyfriend.

Sasha begs Dex to use his intellect for good and help tutor Casey. Clocking on that Sasha has an ulterior motive, Dex rejects her, only to find he has no choice when Casey later shows up anyway. As the study session goes on, tensions run high between the siblings, finally ending in an all-out row that pushes Sasha to confess that her feelings for Casey run deeper than he's previously been prepared to admit.

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Comments (9)

  • Jordanx

    2 years ago


    I can't believe my remark in reply to Feedge was removed !! I merely said that Sasha is only just 16 and couldn't feege remember being that young ! Nothing nasty or distasteful or unkind so WHY ??????????

  • Rose

    2 years ago


    I'm really annoyed now, have been trying to play today's episode for the last 25's fine up until the start of the program (funny how the ads never play up), then starts stopping/starting/jumping about. Each time I restart the video I have to watch the complete set of ads all over again, this is about the 7th time now - & it's now the same pretty much every night. I have no problem on any of the other channels. Its been a long day & I really look forward to unwinding with my favourite program & a glass of wine at the end of the chance.

  • Debz

    2 years ago


    Keeps freezing during watching it and I have to refresh and go through the adverts all over again multiple times. Not sure if it's the site or my laptop though.

  • UnaIreland

    2 years ago


    im not able to watch fridays or todays! sooo angry at min - and its not my laptop i can watch other programmes no bother!!!

  • This comment was removed by a moderator

  • feedge

    2 years ago


    oh my god, sasha one minute u love stu, then xav and now casey, get a grip and she is being so obvious its embarressing

  • Jordanx

    2 years ago


    @Annoyed - I really don't know what you mean, the clips are little tasters but as Jez says you can't see the whole thing till the ACTUAL day ! why do you think you should be able to see it in advance ?

  • Jez

    2 years ago


    @annoyed,....the clip you saw is for Mondays episode!..You won't get the full thing until that day!. Some really good episodes coming up with plenty of drama and surprises!

  • Annoyed

    2 years ago


    For gods sake guys, get it sorted already. It says it plays as the episode but I only get the 30second clip. It's been a day so far and I really wanna watch this. Please sort it out asap!