Monday 25 June

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After learning that Jett’s mother is in hospital, and that he’s lost his keys and has been sleeping on the beach, Gina decides to take care of him - little realising that John has decided to take matters into his own hands following Marilyn's mugging. In the meantime, Gina has convinced the youngster to confess to Marilyn, who finds it in her heart not to take things further. Just as she forgives Jett, however, the police arrive to arrest him. When she learns that he has had his keys all along, Gina goes to his house, only to find Jett’s mother dead.

After suffering a collapse, Alf is rushed to hospital, where Roo arrives in time to learn that her father has contracted malaria during his travels in Thailand. In his stressed state, Alf tells Roo that he doesn’t think Harvey is good enough for her. But when Sid gives Alf the all-clear, Roo pounces on her chance to defend her choice of boyfriend.

Sasha begs Dex to use his intellect for good and help tutor Casey. Clocking on that Sasha has an ulterior motive, Dex rejects her, only to find he has no choice when Casey later shows up anyway. As the study session goes on, tensions run high between the siblings, finally ending in an all-out row that pushes Sasha to confess that her feelings for Casey run deeper than he's previously been prepared to admit.


  • Tue 26 Jun

    Liam questions whether Hayley is completely over her drug habit. Is she still on dangerous ground?


  • Fri 22 Jun

    Still feeling unwell after his flight, Alf ignores the warning signs - but at what cost to his health?

  • Thu 21 Jun

    Liam struggles to free himself from his relationship with Hayley, and Romeo uses Ruby's money to bail out Indi.

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