Monday 2 July

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Tensions run high as the doctors work on Bianca post-seizure, with Sid explaining to her loved ones that they've been forced to put her into an induced coma to minimise the risk of a stroke - but it isn't long before her condition goes from bad to worse. Meanwhile, As Irene's concerns for Heath prompt her to call Brax, Dex's decision to comfort April turns awkward when Lottie arrives at the hospital.

Seeing that Casey's troubled over Brax's reaction to his wanting to see his father, Natalie tries reaching out to him. When he eventually confides in her, she suggests to Casey that his own relationship with his father has the potential to be completely different. Despite Brax’s wishes, Casey retrieves Heath’s legal advice from the bin and copies down some information.

Elsewhere, Roo secretly hopes all Lottie needs to do is vent before they can send her back to Mel. When it becomes clear to her that her stay isn't permanent, Lottie makes herself scarce - and, without much support from Harvey, Roo can't help second-guessing the decision.


  • Wed 4 Jul

    John and Xavier's relief at being rid of Jett proves short-lived when Gina learns he's fled his foster home.


  • Fri 29 Jun

    Heath and Bianca's baby joy threatens to be short-lived after complications arise following the birth.

  • Wed 27 Jun

    Heath resolves to find a way to get Danny out of jail, turning to Hayley for help unpicking the case.

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