Wednesday 4 July

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When Roo discovers that Lottie has run away to stay with them, Harvey dissuades Mel from picking her up. Instead he and his ex-wife sit down to talk, during which she confesses that she's barely coping following the death of their son. Meanwhile, Alf having encouraged her to set things straight with her mum, Lottie walks in on Mel admitting that she thinks she could move on if she were on her own – but, to her parents' surprise, welcomes the honesty. After Mel issues Roo an apology, together they all agree to Lottie staying at Summer Bay House for the time being.

Meanwhile, John and Xavier's relief at being rid of the drama with Jett proves short-lived when Gina finds the youngster on the street and learns that he's run away from his foster family. Refusing to turn her back on him, she agrees to Jett staying with her family on a temporary basis - but John warns him not to take advantage of her generosity.

Elsewhere, as Dex wallows in his heartache, Lottie tells him that she's like to be friends again - but he doesn't get as much kindness from April, who gives him a serve for getting Sasha to do his dirty work. It's only when Irene challenges her that April realises her feelings for Dex, later finding him in the diner and revealing she loves him.


  • Thu 5 Jul

    With Indi giving him the cold shoulder, Romeo begins to suspect that Ruby has warned her off.


  • Mon 2 Jul

    As Casey fights for a meeting with Danny, tensions run high when Bianca's condition goes from bad to worse.

  • Fri 29 Jun

    Heath and Bianca's baby joy threatens to be short-lived after complications arise following the birth.

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