Monday 9 July

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Concerned that Romeo will leave her, Ruby reveals she’s pregnant and secures a commitment from him to stand by her. In the meantime, as Roo silences Alf's suspicions that this latest development is all too convenient, Indi decides she needs to tell Romeo that she’s still in love with him, only to be left heartbroken when Marilyn accidently lets slip the big news.

Echoing Heath's concern about Bianca's refusal to see her son, Sid realises her problems run deeper than he first thought and is led to diagnose post-natal psychosis: the new mum believes her baby's died and that everyone is lying to her. Despite being told to tread lightly, Heath tries to explain to Bianca that everything's fine - only for her to lose it and kick him out.

Pangs of jealousy hit Dex as he grows suspicious of April’s feelings towards Heath. He can't help but notice that she's spending a lot of time defending her ex - and he's left even more insecure when she shuts down his attempts to get closer to her.


  • Tue 10 Jul

    Suspecting that Indi still has feelings for him, Romeo struggles to keep up the pretence with Ruby.


  • Fri 6 Jul

    Worried that Romeo's going to end their relationship and go back to Indi, Ruby drops a bombshell.

  • Thu 5 Jul

    With Indi giving him the cold shoulder, Romeo begins to suspect that Ruby has warned her off.

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