Tuesday 10 July

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When Dex reveals to Romeo that Indi knows about the pregnancy, he rushes over to apologise. Clocking that she learnt the news because she was going to tell him she was still in love with him, he tries to get it out of her, but instead she kicks him out and asks him to let her move on with her life. In the meantime, Ruby is concerned that the pregnancy is driving a wedge between her and Romeo, and when he tries to end their relationship, she struggles and begs him to stay.

Dex lends Indi money in order to organise a photo shoot for her modelling portfolio. But when the sleazy photographer suggests that Indi needs to take her clothes off, she shuts it down and loses the cash in the process.

Dex, however, isn’t too concerned, as his troubles with April are still plaguing him. He tracks her down to confess his undying love for her, and finally they are able to be together in every way.

It’s the day of Jett’s mother’s funeral, and Gina can't help feeling concerned about the youngster. When she sees VJ has a bloody lip and learns that Jett is acting out, she confronts him – only for John to witness him the moment he retaliates and accidentally pushes her over.

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