Monday 16 July

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When Alf offers to take Lottie out on the boat to help with her assignment, Roo advises him against the trip, in light of the memories it'll bring up about her brother's death. She finds herself proved wrong, however, when Lottie agrees to the outing and unexpectedly opens up to Alf about what happened.

Angry that Danny's managed to escape jail, Brax resolves to keep him away from Cheryl by insisting that he can stay no longer than one night; then he's out. But Danny doesn't go far: after bonding with Heath during a visit to the hospital to see the new baby, he moves into the caravan park across from Ruby.

Despite Romeo's commitment to finding a sales job to support the baby, Ruby is struggling to keep their relationship on track; it feels as though the pregnancy has put a distance between them. Getting nowhere with her attempts to seduce Romeo, Ruby turns her attentions to Casey...

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