Monday 23 July

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Xavier is worried that his use of the police database will see him booted out of the academy, and John only appears to make matters worse when he asks Emerson to go easy on him. After he later escapes with a stern warnng, Xavier drops a bombshell on John: having been given food for thought by Sasha, he wants to separate work from his personal life by moving to Goulburn permanently.

Leah’s surprised Ruby hasn’t seen an obstetrician yet and makes her promise she will. When pushed harder, however, Ruby's forced to reveal she lied about the pregnancy. Can Leah persuade her to put a stop to the emotional blackmail?

Telling her he wishes he'd been there for her more, Sid gives Indi a cheque to cover the money she borrowed from Romeo. Indi later tells Ruby she's paid off her debt and, admitting defeat, agrees to distance herself from her ex.

Roo’s apprehensive when it seems Alf isn’t keen on Harvey and Lottie staying permanently. When Marilyn suggests to her that his hesitation might have something to do with the fact that Roo and Harvey are all over each other, Roo tries to address this with her father - only to realise that he’s really concerned about her lack of planning ahead.


  • Tue 24 Jul

    Despite John's attempts at talking him round, Xavier remains set in his decision to leave the Bay.


  • Fri 20 Jul

    Xavier puts his job on the line to help Jett find information on the man he believes is his father.

  • Thu 19 Jul

    Stressed about Bianca, April has her own ideas about the kind of support she wants from Dex.

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