Tuesday 24 July

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Despite John's attempts at talking him round, Xavier's set in his decision to leave the Bay, and he leaves Gina in a spin when he breaks her the news. Meanwhile, Jett busies himself calling every Richard Bozic in the phonebook in an attempt to find his father. As a parting gift to Gina, Xavier gives her the correct contact details from the database.

Casey bonds with his father and looks forward to their road trip together. Meanwhile, Natalie having warned him that Casey has been slipping school, Brax pulls his brother away from Danny - only to be left shocked by his brother's plans to leave school in a couple of months' time. After berating Natalie for failing to give him a heads-up, Brax is later encouraged not to give up on Casey, realising that he and Natalie are on the same page after all.

Continuing to be charmed by Danny, Marilyn invites him to share some cake in the house. During their conversation, she encourages him to concentrate on embracing the positive and moving forward with his life. Later, Alf warns her against getting involved with a Braxton whp’s spent ten years behind bars.


  • Wed 25 Jul

    Fed up with his dad's manipulation of Casey, Brax goes straight to Danny and offers him a deal.


  • Mon 23 Jul

    Pushed by Leah to make an appointment with the obstetrician, Ruby's forced to admit to her deceit.

  • Fri 20 Jul

    Xavier puts his job on the line to help Jett find information on the man he believes is his father.

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