Wednesday 25 July

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Casey having confided in her Danny's plans to put off their trip, Natalie drops Brax a hint over what's happened. Fed up with his dad's manipulation, Brax goes straight to Danny and offers him a deal – $50,000 for him to leave the family alone forever. When Danny responds by warning him he won't be told what to do, Brax returns to Casey and finally persuades him not to give up on school, at least until after his trials.

Concerned to find Jett ringing strangers, Gina behind his back and identifies the correct number for Richard Bozic. Having agreed to help her track him down, Natalie comes back with information on Richard, on which Gina is hesitant to act. When Gina explains she's decided against giving Jett the information on his dad, Natalie opens up about her own past: her mum left her when she was younger and, from her own experience, she believes that Jett ought to know more about his family.

Bianca seems to be back on track but realises Heath’s been avoiding her. From his point of view, he hasn’t felt comfortable being around since she ran to Liam during her psychotic episode. Later, Liam visits, and he and Bianca affirm the end of their marriage – but when Heath arrives he misinterprets their closeness as the opposite. Later that night, the baby suffers a fit and a terrified Heath watches on, afraid for his son.


  • Thu 26 Jul

    Realising Ruby still hasn’t come clean to Romeo about her fake pregnancy, Leah issues an ultimatum.


  • Tue 24 Jul

    Despite John's attempts at talking him round, Xavier remains set in his decision to leave the Bay.

  • Mon 23 Jul

    Pushed by Leah to make an appointment with the obstetrician, Ruby's forced to admit to her deceit.

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Comments (9)

  • Carol

    over 1 year ago


    I would comment about the programme if I could actually watch it. I couldn't see from my computer as it kept freezing and now have a brand new quad core laptop, that is updated, and I still can't watch it. I would love to record it, which I always did before, but my DVD recorder's freeview link has broken so I can't record until I have a chance to get it fixed. As a new single mum having to sell my home it would be lovely to get some light relief watching this programme which I have watched from the beginning! So those that can watch it enjoy and let those of us who can't have a quick moan. Just goes to show how much we enjoy it, I'm still trying to catch up with the July episodes!

  • Marky J

    over 1 year ago

    Marky J

    Hey Rubytuesday do not read it then. Easy. I am sure you have so much more worthwhile better things to do with your time being an only child.

  • atrix

    over 1 year ago


    PC maintenance i key to smooth running stream of video. things such as updating display drivers, turning off background programs you do not use, update sound drivers (for smooth sounds), turn off anything that uses internet bandwidth. if on wireless make sure your network is secure and only you is using it, devices such a mobile phones,laptops,and open networks suck all of your internet speeds, do a pc clean up using program such as c cleaners to ensure your CPU is not maxemised all the time and stressing you memory and cpu watching video.

  • Rubytuesday

    over 1 year ago


    I'm with Maj and sj on this and I'm SICK of reading this moaning about Channel5 catch up. Nobody seems to want to talk about the programme ! EVERYONE would have problems if it were Channel 5's fault. I use it ALL the time as I work shifts and NO problemo ! I've had enough of it and thankfully we've got a few weeks off so either get your comuters fixed or VIDEO it like you keep being advised or watch it on youtube, anything but don't keep whinging - it's BORING !!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarahjane

    over 1 year ago


    Thanks Maj, I appreciate your input as those who comment about this get slated for saying our experience of the videos is fine and suggest ways to improve. They just don't like it ! Also I have mentioned a few times about videoing the show or watching it/videoing it on a saturday (it's on from 1pm) as an option but those who complain about poor reception never come back about that.

  • Maj

    over 1 year ago


    People need to keep their comps updated (esp java/flash platforms) most folks don't realise to do a monthly maintenance on their comp because they assume other programs do it for them hence they end up with bad performance issues on sites like this.

  • sarahjane

    over 1 year ago


    I should imagine the removed comment was in answer to my post, something derogatory no doubt but I'm not getting at anybody here, my comments are genuine.

  • sarahjane

    over 1 year ago


    Hi everyone, just thought I'd mention that I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop, Windows Vista and often need to catch up here but I don't experience any problems apart fom the occasional out of lip sink. I just don't know why others get these very annoying problems, I wish we could find out why some are affected and some not

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