Thursday 26 July

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With the baby needing an urgent blood transfusion, Heath's confirmed as a match and is cleared for the procedure. As it becomes clear there's also something else on his mind, Bianca finally gets him to tell her what’s irritating him, and dispels his concerns about her and Liam. Having reached a good place, they decide on their baby’s name – Rocco – but Heath doesn’t want Rocco to be tarred with the Braxton surname.

Irene hears of Bianca’s emergency and wants to join her in hospital, so Liam offers to hold down the fort at the diner. He finds himself needing Indi’s help and they get to talking about each of their exes; realising they’re both moping, they make a pact to move on with their lives.

Dex helps April keep her eye on her studies through all the turmoil. Sid’s impressed by the support he’s giving her but questions whether he’s giving enough attention to his own studies - a concern confirmed after Dex receives a letter from uni.

Romeo returns from his sales conference with a cute present for the baby that strikes a nerve with Ruby. When Leah realises Ruby still hasn’t come clean about her fake pregnancy, she urges her to tell Romeo the truth – or she will. Later, Romeo’s in the celebrating mood after being cleared for surfing, but a guilt-ridden Ruby is on the verge of losing it. Romeo soon incorrectly infers that she lost the baby. On the receiving end of Romeo’s affections, it’s a story with which Ruby can’t help but go along.


  • Fri 27 Jul

    As Ruby's lies begin to catch up with her, Dex's support of April threatens his reputation at uni.


  • Wed 25 Jul

    Fed up with his dad's manipulation of Casey, Brax goes straight to Danny and offers him a deal.

  • Tue 24 Jul

    Despite John's attempts at talking him round, Xavier remains set in his decision to leave the Bay.

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