Monday 3 September

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When Indi hears that Romeo is drowning his sorrows at Angelo’s, she hurries over to him to provide some comfort. Believing that Ruby lost the baby, both she and Brax are confused as to why he isn’t by her side - only to be left shocked when Romeo reveals the truth. Indi decides to take a drunken Romeo back to the farm, where a concerned Sid watches his daughter get close to the man who broke her heart.

In the meantime, Brax is troubled about Ruby’s lie, and is forced to intervene when he sees her launch an attack at Indi and Romeo. Seeing that she's struggling with her break-up, Brax gives her some useful advice, opening her eyes to the fact that there may be hope for her after all.

Looking for work, Liam approaches Roo to ask about possible jobs at the caravan park. Things don’t look hopeful, until Brax offers to reinstate him at Angelo’s - but is Liam strong enough to go back?


  • Tue 4 Sep

    Back in Summer Bay to collect what he is owed, Danny becomes the chief suspect when Brax is left unconscious in the bush.


  • Fri 31 Aug

    Web-only episode. When Sid explains the baby is in danger, and an early caesarean is required, Bianca and Heath are forced to discuss their options.

  • Fri 31 Aug

    Ruby has a heartbreaking decision to make as she faces up to the reality of Charlie's condition.

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