Tuesday 4 September

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Danny is making trouble in Summer Bay, waiting for Brax to pay back his money, and playing head games in the meantime. When he meets Natalie at Angelo’s, they share a drink as she tries to unravel what he’s playing at, but Danny is too smart, and she gets the impression that he is threatening her.

In the meantime, Danny’s friendship with Marilyn is blossoming and he invites her for dinner. They seem to be getting on like a house on fire, but when Brax is knocked out and left out in the bush to die, the question remains: could Danny be to blame?

Still confused about what happened between him and Indi, Romeo confides in Liam, who tells him that Indi is finally at a place in her life where she can move on and find happiness. Romeo can’t let her go and tries to convince Indi he wants to be with her, but she needs him to finally end it with Ruby. He does so, but when he goes to find Indi only to catch her sharing a tender moment with Liam, he can't help worrying that something is going on between them.

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