Wednesday 5 September

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Bianca is feeling a lot better but is still stuck in hospital. When she convinces Natalie to get her a day release, Bianca is able to open up to Natalie about her relationship with Heath as together they take a walk along the beach. In the meantime, Heath grows confused about where he stands, choosing to confide in Danny.

Brax has woken up badly beaten, and when Sid finds him hobbling along the side of the road, he forces him to go to the hospital. When Bianca interrupts Heath and his dad during their visit to see Rocco, she can't help but notice that Danny doesn't seem too worried by news of Brax's attack. Natalie also learns about the beating and, instantly realising Danny was behind it, takes her suspicions to Brax.

Meanwhile, Casey is shocked to learn from Brax the violence of which Danny's capable - only to be taken in by his dad's defence.


  • Thu 6 Sep

    As Harvey and Mel battle over custody of their daughter, Bianca's uncertain relationship with Heath becomes a source of tension between April and Dex.


  • Tue 4 Sep

    Back in Summer Bay to collect what he is owed, Danny becomes the chief suspect when Brax is left unconscious in the bush.

  • Mon 3 Sep

    With Romeo drowning his sorrows, Sid battles his concern as Indi chooses to comfort the man who broke her heart.

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