Tuesday 11 September

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Jett washes up after cutting his hand vandalising Richard’s home, only for Gina to spot the evidence. When Richard later shows up wanting answers, John invites him to stay and talk to Jett himself. Jett reluctantly agrees to see Richard, leaving Gina wondering if she’s soon to lose the new member of their household. Jett is hopeful of a fresh start, but Richard can’t handle getting involved any further and leaves his son shattered when he decides to walk away.

After asking Irene to give Heath a chance, Bianca later finds out from her that he lied about going to a family barbeque. Heath apologises, saying he needed some space to process their new situation. Bianca admits to feeling scared too, and they return to a good place in their relationship.

Alf catches Marilyn snooping around Danny’s caravan, and she admits to being worried something’s happened to him. With rent owing, Alf thinks he shot through, but Marilyn defends Danny and later takes a key to investigate inside the van. Having walked in on her, Heath is shocked to find there a stack of undelivered letters Danny addressed to his family, and returns home to demand an explanation from Brax.


  • Wed 12 Sep

    Casey starts to become aware of Danny's dark side – and how Brax is under pressure to pay him off.


  • Mon 10 Sep

    Dex spends an awkward night with April at Irene's house, and news of Bianca's relationship receives a mixed reaction.

  • Fri 7 Sep

    With Jett convinced that she's been sabotaging his search for his father, will Gina admit to her deceit?

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