Monday 17 September

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Indi clocks that Romeo is uncomfortable at the sight of Ruby kissing Casey, and starts to question whether or not he was serious about getting back together. Sid’s warning to stay away from his daughter is heavy on Romeo’s mind, which only makes Indi more paranoid. But when Liam reveals that it was her dad that has told Romeo to keep his distance, Indi becomes furious.

Sasha has also witnessed Ruby kissing Casey and is heartbroken, believing that they're back on. She gets up enough courage to tell Casey how she really feels, but is only left more hurt when he tells her he doesn’t feel the same way. Sasha believes it’s because of Ruby, unaware that Casey is not interested in Ruby romantically but sticking by her side in order to protect her from his father’s scheming ways.

When Jett develops a sudden interest in lifesaving and the beach, Gina becomes concerned that he is bottling up his feelings after Richard’s rejection. John can’t see how Jett’s interest in something new and productive is a bad thing, but Gina remains worried that Jett is hiding how he really feels.


  • Tue 18 Sep

    Indi tells Sid not to meddle in her love life, but then snubs Romeo in favour of a drive with Liam.


  • Fri 14 Sep

    As Romeo and Indi build bridges, Sasha is left fighting her jealousy when Ruby sets her sights on Casey.

  • Thu 13 Sep

    Danny sets his sights on Ruby's inheritance, and Romeo's given fresh hope of a reconciliation with Indi.

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