Thursday 20 September

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After Lottie tells her mother that she wants to stay in Summer Bay, Mel urges Harvey to talk Lottie out of it. But when he refuses, she tells him she has no choice but to reveal to the courts the fact of his drinking on the day of Ben’s death. Harvey doesn’t want Lottie to learn about this from Mel’s lawyers, and decides to tell her himself. Upset, Lottie struggles to deal with her parents fighting, and reveals that she doesn’t want to live with either of them.

When Darcy surprises Bianca by asking if she is her dad’s girlfriend, Bianca is thrown and unsure how to define her relationship with Heath. Worried that Darcy is getting attached to the idea of this new family too quickly, Bianca urges Heath to have a word with her, as well as to commit to their own relationship by taking her out on a proper date.

Brax decides to take control of the drug deal and get the stash away before the police finds it. But when he thinks Dodgy Bob has done a runner, his only choice is to turn to Heath. When he learns that Brax has had to get back into old habits in order to pay Danny off, Heath resolves to stand by his brother.

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  • angela kelliher

    10 months ago

    angela kelliher

    I want to know what is kyle plotting against Brax. kyle admit about the 100k you put in transfer because Ricky told you about to pay off Brax money kyle kyle you should tell Heath the truth about the transfer money Heath thinks that Brax pay of connie to keep Dracy away from his dad Brax did'nt know about the money Heath punches Brax tonight episode chris and Indi get a room you should get together you are a couple I want Romeo to come back because my best friend Catherine o Doherty wants Romeo back it's stupid without him is Brax going to Hollywood take a break of summer bay. I am going see you Brax In Australia my family lives there from Latch on my friend Mary Flynn loves you Brax youre are hot she likes you tatoos heath wants cuostody od Dracy you have to figh for her more you keep fightening the more you win casey Tamara I want to get gagement then celebarate then get married not yet he's got explaining to to the packages and police casey will effect the parole he will be going to jail watch out he will be lending more trouble for the braxtons don't chunk him out if he in trouble let casey expain first then kick him out after xxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooo

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  • naomi

    over 1 year ago


    I had a c section too and I was up and about and back to normal within a week. I had to be I was travelling 45mins to an hour to the hospital every day to see my baby in scbu.

  • Red

    over 1 year ago


    some women bounce back i had an emergancy c section was only in agoney for 3 days. and 1 week later back in my size 8, not all women are the same or every pregnancy for that matter.... Rocko is what 3 weeks old now

  • p

    over 1 year ago


    i concur she looks well doable

  • emma

    over 1 year ago


    Bianca does not look like she just had a baby, jumping around and all, she would still be in she looks as skinny as anything again and hasnt even been that long