Friday 21 September

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After Natalie interrogates Brax about where he’s been, he shuts her down and pushes her away. When they run into each other at the caravan park and she reveals that Casey has been spending time with Danny again, Brax decides to give up on him. Natalie urges him to keep trying, but when Brax explains that he isn’t the man she thinks he is, she assures him she isn’t scared - and one thing soon leads to another.

Having been told that Lottie doesn’t want to live with either of them, Mel and Harvey realise just how hard this has been on their daughter. Mel refuses Harvey's request for her to move to Summer Bay, but when she accepts that she isn’t going to win, she tells Lottie that she won’t stop her from staying with her dad. Lottie realises that, while Harvey has Roo, Mel has no one, and chooses to move back to the city with her mother.

With Irene in and out at the Beach House, and Sasha moping about Casey at the Farm House, Dex and April struggle to find any privacy. When it gets too much for them, they come to the conclusion that the only solution is to get their own place.


  • Mon 24 Sep

    Brax questions Casey about siding with their dad, before giving Danny some cash in an attempt to get him to back off.


  • Thu 20 Sep

    After Mel forces his hand, Harvey reveals to Lottie what really happened on the day of Ben's death - but at what cost to their relationship?

  • Wed 19 Sep

    Forced to raise money quickly to pay off Danny, Brax gets caught in the middle of a drug deal.

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