Thursday 27 September

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After Indi tries to explain to him her reasons for missing their chat, Romeo is left feeling sidelined once again. Leah advises him to take things easy, but her words are fast forgotten when he later witnesses Indi and Liam’s chemistry. When he calls Liam on it, Romeo realises that Indi escaped their conversation to go riding with him. Having confronted her, it becomes clear that Romeo's struggling to trust her – and perhaps with good reason.

Jett suspects John and Gina are keeping things from him and his concern grows. Gina learns that DOCS’ preference for biological parents means they have to chase up Richard, which may throw a spanner in the works when it comes to their plans for guardianship. Having failed to get an answer out of John, Jett later sneaks a peek at Gina’s phone and sees she’s been talking to DOCS.

With Roo feeling as though Harvey's trying to avoid her, Alf tries without success to lift his spirits. Roo later collides with Harvey when it becomes clear the heart of the issue is about his not getting the chance to be a father. Off the back of hearing Irene and Gina talk about fostering, Roo raises with Harvey the possibility of them doing the same. But is that what he really wants?


  • Fri 28 Sep

    After confiding in Marilyn about his fears over his wife, Romeo loses the plot when he catches Liam and Indi together.


  • Wed 26 Sep

    With Sid doubtful of their decision, April and Dex set out to win approval from their families for their plans to move in together.

  • Tue 25 Sep

    As Dex and April announce their plans to live together, Heath and Bianca's decision to move in with Irene leaves Darcy feeling isolated.

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