Thursday 24 January

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After being caught in Jamie’s room, Liam tries to leave and take Bianca with him, reminding Adam of their deal. When Adam protests he’ll take care of her, Liam makes his exit and heads straight to Heath, who likewise fails to convince Bianca to come home. As tension mounts, Adam tells her he could get rid of Heath forever - a threat she is unsure whether he means seriously.

Later, Adam shows up at the diner and assures Leah he’ll speak to Jamie about keeping his distance from her and her son. He also offers money to cover the costs of the damage to the diner, without admitting that Jamie was behind it. Leah accepts, warily, commenting that the situation is similar to how she parents VJ – when he does something wrong, she as the parent makes amends.

Lisa is staying with the Walkers after her fallout with Neil, whom she reluctantly agrees to meet for lunch. Angry to learn that she went through with it, only to be threatened by her abusive husband, Sid convinces her to take an AVO out against him.

Later, Sid’s at the front gate when Dex calls him on the mobile. As Dex teases his father, asking him to pick up some treats for him, tragedy strikes when the phone suddenly goes quiet and Sid hits the ground unconscious...


  • Fri 25 Jan

    As he commits to spending more time with Sasha, Casey faces an unexpected reunion with an all-too-familiar face.


  • Wed 23 Jan

    When the diner is trashed, Jamie becomes the prime suspect. Will Leah and Liam believe his alibi?

  • Tue 22 Jan

    Struggling with Sasha's revelation that she might be pregnant, Casey turns to Romeo for advice.

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